1984 Trabant 601S
Trabant item created by Justin, Feb 18, 2014
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    This is my Trabi!

    1984 601S Overall in pretty good shape. A little TLC is needed in a couple spots, but over all it's good to go!
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    Custom tan tweed and soft tan vinyl. Carpeted trunk with custom tire cover. Trabant carpet floor mat for from from TrabantWelt and rubber all-purpose floor mat over that.
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    Changed the vehicle from points to an original EBZA unit, other than that it's bone stock.
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    RetroSound Radio with Auxiliary Input so I can hook in my iPhone on those longer trips
    These are some pretty cool artsy fartsy pictures. Did you have to take them with a special camera or lens to take them?
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  2. Justin
    Yeah. Clearly she hates my car. She "saw stars and wanted to press them"
    2 star rating from your wife...harsh!
  4. Justin
    JasonChad, these were the photos taken for the magazine the car was in....Well some of them anyway