Fiat 125p in Chicago
  • Vehicle Year:
    Vehicle Make:
    Other Vehicle
    Vehicle Make (Not Listed):
    Polski Fiat
    Vehicle Model:
  • Description:
    Reupholstered interior
  • Description:
    Electric fan
  • Description:
    Pioneer radio
  1. michiel76
    Great collection!
    I know these cars while have family living in Poland.
    My uncle had few years ago a FSO Polonez 1,5 and later an VW Passat.
  2. Bountyflyer
    The year I was born! This car was a status symol back then in Hungary. It was beating most of the other cars on the road! (Like Trabants or Warburgs and some Ladas)
    1. Auta PRL Chicago
      When I first bought it and didn't know all the technical things about it I couldn't believe it had 4 disc brakes.
      Auta PRL Chicago, Jul 15, 2015