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Hartville Ohio Trabant
Trabant item created by TrabiCRAZY, Mar 24, 2018
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  1. TrabiCRAZY
    Hey, there Trabi comrades! My name is Dominick Bartlett. After going down to the Spy Museum Trabant gathering for 2017, I bought my 1979 Trabant 601S limousine by way of layaway and it's huge thanks to Adam Benko. My Trabant is in Florida until paid off and I simply can't wait till he comes home. His name is Zeus. He is all original with a 6V system. I will post more updates and later pics of my Trabant when he arrives here in Akron, Ohio!

  2. TrabiCRAZY
    For those who haven't seen my thread Updates July 2018, worry not! The simple overview is my Trabant is going to need some work done and that includes rewiring, a fuel leak sort out and the brakes will need bled. I have also received more pics of Zeus to which I added. Honestly, for the price I paid for my Trabant, I'm not disappointed by the facts known but some help would as always be welcome!
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  3. trabant601
    Here is your first excellent vote. Have a look at some of the threads I started. Maybe some of the things I have posted will be interesting to you too. Glad to have you on the team now.
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    1. TrabiCRAZY
      Big thanks!
      TrabiCRAZY, Jul 16, 2018
  4. TrabiCRAZY
    Since my post about joining TrabantForums, I got a new job working full time (night shifts) at a factory in Hartville, Ohio and since moved there. The factory is less than half a mile away! At this stage, Zeus will be home just in time for Summer! I have just about $1,700 left to pay and my previous check was about $200 and it covered 24 hours. This new one (receiving date 4/26/18) will cover 80 hours! ;);););):):):)
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