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Justin's 1981 DeLorean DMC12
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    This is my 1981 DeLorean. I just purchased it December 23rd 2014. It is a bit of a project but should turn out great over time.

    So far, I have discovered that the car was originally sold by John Hines Pontiac in San Diego and then went to the Tacoma, Washington area before Dallas, Texas. Once in Dallas, a little work and updating was done on it before being parked for the last 14-15 years.

    I will do my best to catalog my progress on here :)

    12/27 - Fuel tank drained in preparation to be cleaned and the fuel system flushed.

    12/29/2014 - Brake System drained and flushed. Clutch hydraulic system drained and flushed. Emergency Brake adjusted. These system all seem to have returned to normal functionality.

    12/30/2014 - Fuel Filter, Magnetic Drain Plug and 2 oil filters ordered from DMC Midwest

    12/30/2014 - Gear oil drained and changed.
  1. Bountyflyer
    Did you trade the Trabi in?! I always loved these cars. Apperently there is a factory in Houston where they still making new ones. I sure hope it doesn't have the French Renault engine in it! You will have to hit the dash hard to start it then...

    Congrats for the buy. Follow your dreams my friend!
  2. Phil Tracy
    Very cool Justin!

    Not many cars you can do this to the inside of and it's considered normal :)
  3. Jules1200
    Hi Justin, looks a nice one, I own one as well, had it since 2006. I have done a body off resto on mine, completely stripping the chassis for re-powder coating etc & pretty much replacing/repairing everything, so if you want any info, let me know
    Cheers Jules
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  4. bigmark40
    Congratulations Justin and best of luck with it. My guess is it won't prove to be as reliable as the Trabi though!;) but hope I'm wrong!
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  5. Bill Overbaugh
    Dude you got a Delorean!
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  6. vdubbin

    My hero!

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  7. Keri
    I have a fair bit of knowledge on early 80's Renault powertrains and electrical….

    Had to put a clutch in one of those once. eww.
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  8. whatacar1997
    That's just awesome, no doubt about it. Good luck on restauring it!
    Hopefully you won't go too fast with it, otherwise you'd probably get stuck somewhere in the mid-1980's! ;)
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  9. Ron
    Awesome, all the best with that Justin. I would find it very hard not to go everywhere at 88mph!
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