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Schweizerische Trabant
Trabant item created by SR380, Oct 16, 2016
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    I always have been interested in those tiny cars from East-Germany. Having family from there, I became kind of logical that I needed to set in an buy one. After spending a few months looking for a car on the internet I found one in relative good condition in northern Germany.

    I then bought the car (without even seeing it, or ever driven a Trabant). I rented a loose truck and a hanger (the nice Trabi came together with another one for spare parts) to drive 750kms from Geneva, Switzerland, to Achim, close to Bremen. In 3 days, Pascal and I drove 1500kms, learned how to load cars on a loose truck, and how to tie it down, cleared customs at the border and we managed all of that without even barking anything!

    Back in Geneva, I had to fix a few things before going to the technical inspection to get it registered. I friend of mine, who's a mechanic, helped a lot. We had to change the carburettor, the drum brakes. The funny fact is that on the day of the inspection, one of the sparking plugs failed, and I couldn't change it there. So it actually passed the tests running on 1 cylinder!

    Today I still face some minor issues, mostly electrical. I would also need to get the paint refreshed and get rid of the sunroof or the radio, which are not originals.

    It gets me to the office safe and sounds everyday still!
  • There is an additional sunroof that I need to get rid off.
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  1. d0mokun
    A brilliant photo. Three equally desirable cars in my (arguably skewed) mind.
  2. turbofiat124
    I really like that Webasto folding top! I wish it was cost effective to buy it from you and have the entire roof shipped to the US since you are going to remove it.
    1. SR380
      It's actually a Renault Twingo sunroof. It's not for sale in the US, but I bet you can find a similar one in the American car marquette.
      SR380, Oct 18, 2016