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some pictures of my trabi kombi
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    601 kombi
  1. Ian
    Hi Kev,

    Ian here in Somerset, from whom you bought the Kombi!! (You have done a lovely job, sorting her out for use on the road...she looks great!).

    Ironically, I managed to gain a garage at Xmas and found another "UNUSUAL" Trabant, from Wiltshire!

    Back in the fray again!!

    Please could you remind me what U.K./LUCAS alternator you fitted to your previous Trabant, as I need to upgrade the orig. one on this car, as am putting 4 x 100 watt rally lamps on the front, ...so need to ensure enough power to run and store in battery!

    Grateful, if you could confirm alternator model and bracket/mod details, including presumably having to swap for one of the conventional multi-pin Lucas alt. plugs, for connecting into the rear?!!....

    Hope to find some time to fettle my new project in the New Year, ...now that it is still able to be stored in the dry! (It was in a dry, Wiltshire air base RAF Hangar, for the past 10-12 years, after coming in from it's original owner, in Dusseldorf).

    A Happy New Year to you...AND all those fellow Trabant owners out there, around the world!!!!


    1. kev the builder
      hi ian glad you found a trabi the lucas alternator i fitted was just a standard one as found on most british cars from the 70s-90s i think it came from a metro and was probaly a ar19 i redrilled the mounting bracket holes to move the alternator pully in line with the engine one theres just enough metal i cut the ring connector off the wiring and replaced it with a large spade fitting as i didnt have the multi plug handy,kev
      kev the builder, Dec 31, 2016
  2. michiel76