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  1. Keri

    Keri Leader

    This thread is for one of the most incendiary topics on The Internet…

    What is your favorite or most hated 2-cycle oil?

    Any relevant data, opinions or even rumors are welcome, so long as it relates to pre-mixed 2-cycle oil formulas, as used in Trabants.
  2. Keri

    Keri Leader

    Keri's oil review:

    1st oil, about 2,000-3,000km
    Pennzoil 2-Cycle Air-Cooled Oil, rated TC
    first at 40:1, then 50:1 after 1,000km or so.
    Used during initial break in, successfully, as the motor lasted 67,000km on second handed worn parts..
    Tends to smoke, especially after cold start, minimally after short warm-up.

    2nd oil, about 65,000km
    Lucas Semi-Synthetic 2-Cycle oil for Air Cooled Motors. Rated TC, ISO EG-D
    Used for extended period with good results.
    Less smoke, smoke only occurring after cold start, particularly upon acceleration.
    Eventual motor failure unlikely to have been result of oil, but rather a lean condition / leaking base gasket.
    Leaves a strong oil film on parts
    Piston rings did not stick, eventually wore out.
    Low deposits
    Required decarbonizing after 35,000-40,000km

    3rd oil, about 2,000km (for break-in)
    Peak generally purpose 2-cycle oil for air cooled motors
    No Rating on container
    High-speed piston seizure after 1,500km
    Moderate to heavy deposits

    4th oil, about 2,000km
    Bluemax 2-cycle Aviation oil
    Rated ISO EG-D+
    Have been running at 70:1, and recently at 75:1.
    This 100:1 NON_SYNTHETIC oil burns with little or no smoke, even at 70:1. Still has some upon acceleration after cold start, but that's the nature of a cold crankcase.

    This oil has no solvent, and is more difficult to mix. This has presented no problem so far.
    A fuel sample in a glass jar which tested at 10% alcohol before mixing, mixed easily with Bluemax with some stirring. It has shown no signs of settling in a month so far.

    My fueling routine is: add measured amount of Bluemax to remaining fuel, stir with fuel gauge, then add gasoline at highest speed of the nozzle, so as to slosh fuel around as much as possible.

    After recently truing up my standard-sized cylinders with a rigid hone and re-installing, I removed my .25mm oversized cylinders and pistons which have about 2000km on Bluemax.
    A little inspection revealed:
    No evidence of seizure.
    Very little deposit buildup
    Strong oil film on parts
    Piston rings free, evidence of blow-by due to previously worn cylinders.
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2015
  3. Bill Overbaugh

    Bill Overbaugh King Trabi Administrator Forum Donor

    Kerry a 75:1 ratio is incredible. Kudos to you for trying!

    I run Lucas semi synthetic at 40:1, but I only have 3000 mi or so on my new engine. I may move to 50:1. Too much oil is not a good thing either.

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