1. tricken

    tricken Loyal Comrade

    congrats fleadog,
    is the p50 worth it in my mind it is a 12k car with all the usa paper work, if it is as nice as the picts show. yes i could get a cheaper one out of germany, hungry what ever but by the time i ship it home and customs and factor in a trip to go see it i be way over my 12- 13 k price.

    if i had the room and extra cash it be mine and next to 601
  2. Wartburg353W

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    Congrats Fleadog.
    Turbofiat: I am glad I am not the only one who is surprised by the laxity of VA inspections. It is all handled by independent garages that are licensed by the state. And each garage has several different mechanics. So when and where you go in for your inspection is a lottery of whether the guy knows his stuff, whether he's tough or whether he's in a hurry to get to lunch and will pass anything. I have found that a small local shop with a friendly proprietor is the best way to go. But it's very arbitrary. If you go to a shop that specializes in tires and alignments, you'll like find out you need a tie rod end or something like that. If you go to a newer high tech shop, they spend a lot more time checking every system. But it only costs 12 dollars so the little guy doesn't want to waste much time on them. When I go, they honk the horn, check the lights and turn signals, and look inside two of the brakes.
  3. Wartburg353W

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    Well Fleadog it says the reserve was not met, so maybe it's too soon for congratulations. Maybe the seller will contact you.
  4. Phil Tracy

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    Congrats Fleadog!
  5. Fleadog

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    Do not worry , I got a second chance offer 3 weeks ago when I won the bid. I bought it and got it delivered to me 2 weeks ago. I am just now going to register it at the local DMV but I have run the car and I must say, it is a very fun car to drive. :) It runs great and looks good too!
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  6. Wartburg353W

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    That's great!
  7. DaveinOz

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    Congrats on the purchase!
  8. Well I took the plunge today and bought the 1963 model that was for sale on eBay. It should be in my garage in a few weeks. Very excited!
  9. tricken

    tricken Loyal Comrade

    congrats on the 63 that look like a very nice car

    JASONCHAD Trabi Meister Forum Donor

    The pictures look like the restoration was done very well. I hope they addressed any rust issues that there might have been. That has been my biggest hurdle in my project.
  11. I sure hope the rust was addressed too. I was very pushy with my questioning about any potential rust and the seller remains adamant that there is none. In our conversations I discovered that the common brake issues were occurring with the car and so the seller is repairing that as part of the sale. Buying over the Internet is always a risk and I've been burned before but this 63 looks like a nice one from what I can tell. I'll let you guys know how it all turns out.
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  12. tricken

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    cant wait till you have it in your hands and can enjoy it
  13. My 600 just arrived today from Florida (avatar picture is from the eBay ad). I got a good deal on it. Offered him significantly less than he had it listed for and he took the offer. The car is immaculate. It has apparently had a full restoration and everything is clean and new looking. You can still smell the vinyl in the upholstery. Even has a new wiring harness and new rubber door seals. I love it!

    The car was delivered via car hauler truck from Tampa to texas and the truck dropped off several other eBay purchases on the way. The driver said that every time he stopped for a delivery, people would ask about the Trabant and take pictures of it. He said he was even pulled over at a weigh station by police because they wanted to see what the car was in his trailer. The neighbors came out of their houses to look at it while it was coming off the truck. I have purchased several cars before this way (eBay and truck delivery), but nothing has ever attracted so much attention. So much fun!
  14. Forgot to mention the brake cylinders were replaced a few weeks ago by the seller and he did a great job. Also there's no rust!
  15. Justin

    Justin Owner Administrator

    Where in TX are you?
  16. 1983JZR3W

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    I kept watching that car on e bay. It's a beauty!! Good luck with it.

    JASONCHAD Trabi Meister Forum Donor

    Congratulations! If I hadn't been mid way through my restoration project, I would have tried to snatch it up. I may have to hit you up in a couple weeks, when I start to try to put my Trabi jigsaw puzzle back together. I may need some pictures and help to figure out what connects to where.
  18. Justin- I'm in Abilene.
    All- Thanks all for the kind words. I've always been a fan of small simple cars, and I grew up around Volkswagens. So owning a trabant is the icing on the cake.
    I just want to be super careful not to screw the car up. It's just so pristine. I have a user's manual, but it's in Hungarian. What's the best place on this forum to post general maintenance and usage questions (like what 2cycle additive to use, how to best mix in large volumes, what ratio, what all the knobs and switches are etc.)?
    Jasonchad-I would be delighted to send whatever pics you may need when the time comes. I'll just need some technical coaching about how to send via iPhone over the forum.
  19. Wartburg353W

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    The lubrication stuff has been covered in previous threads, you'll find them. Or post questions in the tech help section. Also there are various manuals in German and English available in the Tech Manuals section.
  20. tricken

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    yep to save you a dig alot of us run lucus semi synthtic in a 50 to 1 ratio the manuals are great for what clicks what on the car congrats i love to see it in person if i ever get out your way

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