1. RogerDerSchrauber

    RogerDerSchrauber Loyal Comrade

    Roger and Ingrid Fuller
    1989 Trabant 601S de Luxe Universal
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  2. turbofiat124

    turbofiat124 Loyal Comrade

    Is the hotel giving any kind of group discount to us? Just wanted to ask before I booked my room.
  3. BillB

    BillB Loyal Comrade

    No official group to receive a group discount.
    As I understand from previous years, it's a nice place with room to park trailers, close to the museum and seems pretty reasonable for that area.
    I'd say book it.
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  4. turbofiat124

    turbofiat124 Loyal Comrade

    OK. I was just curious. I'm wanting to go but someone recently came up so I'll have to wait a few days before I make reservations. Or at least find out if I can go, how soon I can cancel in order to get my money back.
  5. turbofiat124

    turbofiat124 Loyal Comrade

    OK. Got my rooms booked! See you guys there.

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