1. Hi everyone. Just joined here, been following this for awhile now. As the title says, any cars around the area for sale? We are in Virginia, and feel the need to putter along... It could be a project, as long as its not yet a rust bucket. ;)

    There was a guy in MD who brought them in, but haven't seen any in a while. I did see the Florida ones, would like to find something closer..

  2. Wartburg353W

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    If you're relatively near Baltimore you can bring one over from Europe. :)
  3. Good Idea, think we are 150 miles away. Just have to figure out the whole process. Mainly it comes down to the guy on the other side of the pond.. I have seen some states do emission testing after certain years. Where we are-there is nothing of the sort! I guess we should be oogling ebay.de....
  4. Been looking around. Seems for my price range- pickens are slim. Though they do pop up from time to time for sale. A whole mess of em can be found on ebay.de. Much simpler just waiting for the right one stateside.

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  6. Wartburg353W

    Wartburg353W Loyal Comrade

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