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  1. Justin

    Justin Owner Administrator

    Add $2 shipping within the U.S. per book. Reach out to me for international shipping.

    1. Good copy of Trabant Trek - SOLD
    photo (3).JPG

    2. The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Extraordinary Automobiles - (Trabant is in it, as well as some other Eastern Bloc Cars - SOLD
    photo 2 (2).JPG
    photo 1 (2).JPG

    Not Trabant- By Still German Related (WWII)

    The Longest Night - The Bombing of London on May 10, 1941 - $7
    photo 1 (3).JPG

    To Die For Germany - Heroes in the Nazi Pantheon - $8
    (Book is in flawless condition)

    photo 2 (3).JPG
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  2. Brian Krustchinsky

    Brian Krustchinsky Loyal Comrade

    justin I am interested in the first two books
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  3. Justin

    Justin Owner Administrator

    if you'd like, paypal me $17 for both (includes shipping) and I'll get them out. I'll IM you my PayPal address

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