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  1. Andrew

    Andrew Most Powerful Leader Moderator Forum Donor

    So the trabi failed its first attempt at getting its entry certification due a couple of different issues, and most of these will be fixed next week when the parts arrive from Germany, but I thought I could at least try and fix the brake pedal freeplay while I am waiting.

    I spent some time in the garage yesterday trying to sort out the brake freeplay, but I am still at a lost on how to fix it, I have most likely setup something completely incorrectly.

    I decided it was a lot easier to show with a video then writing multiple paragraphs:
    (My Trabi has the single circuit brake system.)
    (in the video I refer to the brake piston, I meant to say brake pushrod)
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2014
  2. Andrew

    Andrew Most Powerful Leader Moderator Forum Donor

    I checked which springs I had for the pedals, and the one that is currently on the brake is the 160mm early model version, but I also have a 120mm late model spring..
  3. mati0921

    mati0921 Loyal Comrade

    My brake pedal is also way higher than the cluch pedal. :)
    You have to adjust the rod that goes into the mastercylinder. loosen the nut, and turn the rod until you have about 10 mm of freeplay at the end of the pedal. it wont change the height of the pedal. i think that is supposed to be that way. :)
  4. Andrew

    Andrew Most Powerful Leader Moderator Forum Donor

    Does anyone have any measurements of their pedals height to confirm?
    The one photo that I have when I bought that car that shows the pedals, looks a lot lower then my video...

    Here is a random video of a person in high heels revving a trabant engine... for comparison
  5. Andrew

    Andrew Most Powerful Leader Moderator Forum Donor

    And I think I am sorted.

    Someone on pappenforum pointed out that I have the bolt that holds the clutch pedal is in the wrong way.
    Looking at some old photos it is exactly what the problem is, so I will switch that around tonight when I get home.
  6. Andrew

    Andrew Most Powerful Leader Moderator Forum Donor

    You should be able to make them sit at the same height by adjusting the clutch cable length and the brake pushrod, my issue is a result of that the clutch bolt been around the wrong way, therefore it was free to travel a lot higher with the spring pulling it up.

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