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    A couple from Saskatchewan has brought some German history to the province.

    Katharina and Karsten Ulbrich of Estevan bought a Trabant, a former East German automobile, and shipped it all the way to Saskatchewan. The production of these cars stopped in 1991, six months after the reunification of East and West Germany.

    Katharina Ulbrich says she hasn't found anyone else in Saskatchewan who owns a Trabant. Her husband spent almost every night for four weeks to fix the unique car for Saskatchewan safety inspection in order to get it licensed.

    Ulbrich says the car has a sentimental value to them because a Trabant had been their first family car when they still lived in then communist East Germany.

    However, driving the car can be quite a bit of work - it doesn't have either steering or braking assists and it can't go much faster than 110 km/h. The heating system is not very efficient either, that's why the couple hasn't licensed this East German vehicle during the winter time.


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