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    I am selling my 1953 Kreidler K50. (Yes I know it's not Eastern Bloc, but it is old and German)

    Not only is it the oldest Kriedler in the US, it is also the ONLY known K50.

    It has not been restored, so it is as it wold have come and is a 61 year old bike. Motor turns and fires, I have had it running for short intervals.

    Recently it was at a shop in Austin getting the brakes relined, new tires, new tubes, new carb and a few other things. It is not running currently because the points are so worn. I have purchased a new set of points for it and they they will go with the bike, I just don't have time or want to really deal with putting them on and adjusting the new carb.

    The bike is totally unrestored, the motor has great compression, all seals and gaskets are in tact and the bike is complete.

    From what I gather from the Kriedler database and others on here, this is the oldest known Kriedler in the U.S. and the only K50 in the U.S. that anyone I've talked to is aware of.

    The below link has some photos of the bike as well as the thread discussion surrounding the rarity of it.



    I am located in San Antonio, TX

    You're welcome to email me here, or call/ text me at 404-397-nine-zero-nine-one. (Text is better and faster during business hours.)

    Thanks for looking!

    Asking $1,500

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