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    #FlashbackFriday : Levis and the Trabant
    Published: 07 August 2015
    Written by Raymond Johnston

    You probably could not get a Trabant car for a pair of jeans in 1995
    Laws for truth in advertising never stopped a good urban legend. An advertisement by jeans company Levi Strauss & Co. in 1995 claimed that in Prague, you could get an East German-made Trabant for a pair of worn Levis 501 jeans.

    By 1995, Prague had already changed massively from what it had been in 1989. The city, seen in black and white, still did have rundown streets and areas. The rapidly edited ad captures quick glimpses of Smíchov and less touristy areas,and lots of already retro signs.

    But the handwriting was already on the wall with international developers snapping up every prime location and international retail and food chains moving in like a murder of crows.

    People wandering the streets offering some kind of deal by bartering for Western goods no longer happened, except for dodgy money changers hoping to give away worthless expired bills to the most gullible tourists.

    The ad, though, did inspire people to move to Prague to catch what was left of the fading Eastern-bloc mystique. Several viewers on video site Youtube mention the advertisement fondly.

    The ad was part of series, each giving a numbered reason for needing to have this particular brand of apparel. The Prague spot was number 007, and was highly respected by trade magazine AdAge.

    “The best of the lot is called ‘Prague,’ featuring actor/model/sibling Nick Moss tooling around the city in a forlorn Trabant, the East German ecommunobox famous for balky performance and black exhaust. Moss, the better-fed brother of Kate, does a wonderful job looking both flummoxed and cute before finally emerging from the car wearing an ugly nylon racing jacket and boxer shorts. Why his underwear? Reason No. 007 for owning 501s: ‘In Prague, you can trade them for a car,’” the magazine stated.

    The magazine went on to point out that Levi Strauss & Co. would not be saved by the clever spots, as young people now wanted baggy pants that the brand did not offer.

    The ad featured music by Scott Hardkiss, an electronic music pioneer who died in 2013 at the age of 43. His birth name was Scott Friedel, but all three members of the band Hardkiss adopted the same invented last name, similar to everyone in the Ramones sharing the same name but not being otherwise related.


    Read more: http://www.praguepost.com/142-culture/49186-flashbackfriday-levis-and-the-trabant
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