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  1. Aaron

    Aaron Leader

    I think my braided fuel line has been replaced somewhere along the way, and it isnt the correct length. It currently just about rubs on the belt. Does somebody have a diagram or picture that shows the correct routing?
  2. Ron

    Ron Premium Member Forum Donor

    Mine just goes along the inner wing a bit, then through the belt, i.e. you'd have to disconnect it to change the belt.
  3. Keri

    Keri Leader

    Two different routings

    1- 6v cars, old type carburetor
    The fuel tank has no fittings on the top.
    The fuel line is braided in metal, is snaked through the fan belt through a hole in the fan support and to the carburetor.
    The carburetor fitting points rearward.

    2- 12v cars originally fitted with the fuel consumption indicator, called KMVA .
    The fuel tank has a vent hose fitting on the top
    The fuel line has a plastic tee near the tank, and the vent to the top of the tank attaches inline to the fuel line.
    The fuel line runs along the inner fender, to the KMVA sender behind and lower than the RH headlamp.
    The KMVA sender has a hose that runs to the carburetor behind the front bumper.
    The carburetor fitting points forward.

    I've tried both routings.

    The braided line through the fan belt worked OK, but the german rubber deteriorated from gasohol after a year and a half or so.

    When routing the fuel line to the front, with or without the KMVA sender, the vent line spliced into the fuel line near the tank is essential for good fuel flow when the tank is low.

    I prefer the forward routing. The fuel hose is a lot longer, but is well clear of the fan belt and fan
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