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    What crazy twists the universe took to have that guy survive all these years. Not only did he survive the Russian Front and the Battle of Berlin, but he also spent years in the Soviet prison system! Comes back to his very same wife and house in Berlin and lives to be 96.
  3. Keri

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    Thanks for the share...
    An interesting story.
    I found his lack of empathy for people he doesn't know (and even some he did) interesting and disturbing.
    Such a person, one with poor empathy for others makes a great soldier but can turn a blind eye to nearly anything.
    Unfortunately, military training tends to enforce this trait and we have a lot of military training nowadays.

    I read once that Hitler coming to power was due to one of Uncle Joe's big mistakes... that is, if Stalin had not come to power and instituted certain policies, Hitler would not have come to power.

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