1. Justin

    Justin Owner Administrator

    My Apologies for the site being down the last day and a half:

    Hello everyone, I apologize for any challenges or inconveniences that the downtime we experienced due to the servers over at Arvixe failing. This is not an excuse and in my opinion hurts the site and the community and causes us to loose credibility. This is not what I want for our community.


    I understand downtime can happen but typically things are back up before anyone really notices. Arvixe, the hosting company really dropped the ball with my site and many others. I found the entire process of getting it resolved very tiring and chaotic; I didn't feel they made any of the site owners a priority and offered no ETA, Empathy or even compensation with hosting fees. This has caused me to re-evaluate my decisions in regards to Arvixe and really delve into research in finding a good hosting company to move to.


    With this said, my research led me to a company called InMotion Hosting; so far I have been really impressed and we have scheduled the site to be migrated over on Saturday. You WILL still be able to access the site and view everything, but once the migration starts, there will be a temporary stop on postings and new members so that nothing is left out during the migration. It should not take too long and once everything is up and running I will let everyone know.

    Everything is business as usual until the migration starts.
  2. turbofiat124

    turbofiat124 Loyal Comrade

    Thanks for putting out the time, effort and money to keep this site going! I've met allot of good folks here.
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  3. DaveinOz

    DaveinOz Aussie Trabant Nutter Forum Donor

    I wasn't affected by the downtime at all, thanks Justin for all you do to keep this site going - it's been an invaluable source of info for me as a first time Trabant owner who is stuck in a place where Trabants are very very rare!

    The ability to download workshop/owners/parts manuals alone was easily worth the modest donation!
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  4. Ron

    Ron Premium Member Forum Donor

    I heartily agree with the above, and the updates on Facebook during the switch were much appreciated too Justin.

    Cheers for your efforts, the site is a great asset (the single most important tool in my Trabant toolbox!) with a good vibe too.

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