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  1. 'bant

    'bant Loyal Comrade

    ...in Hallingdal at least, population 20,000 :)

    Here's the video the paper made.

    Here are a few pictures.

    According to the paper, there are 60 known Trabants of all types in Norway. 42 of them are currently registered for use on the roads and the remaining 18 that are not registered. The actual status of those unregistered cars is unknown. Some may only be registered during the summer for instance whilst others may no longer be roadworthy.
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  2. 1983JZR3W

    1983JZR3W Puttering Along

    It's a beauty!! Deserves to be on the front page. Thanks for sharing the pics and video.
  3. Bountyflyer

    Bountyflyer Premium Member Forum Donor

    Thats a nice Trabant! Cool bumpers and it's still 6V! As I remember growing up, our Trabant had good heating in winter. And it was quite good driving thru snow. Now living in Texas it's not important, but Looking at the video reminded me of cold dark mornings when we had to push start our 6V Trabies to go to school....

    Thanx for sharing.
  4. 'bant

    'bant Loyal Comrade

    Thanks for the comments. It is the first car I have owned that does not need any bodywork repairs and/or welding. :)

    I am planning on keeping it 6v for the time being just to see how much of a challenge it will be. I will however be fitting some 12v LED DRLs powered by a 6-12v converter as it is a legal requirement here to run with dipped headlights or auxilliary DRLs. Hopefully the low power LEDs will help the battery a bit during the colder months. I am planning on using the car a couple of times a month during the winter instead of laying it up so have bought a spare 6v battery, a 6v charger and some winter tyres.
  5. Bountyflyer

    Bountyflyer Premium Member Forum Donor

    I never had problems with 6V system. Those cars in my youth were well worn out and had run many many Kms. Buying a new battery back then was a major purchase for our family, so we used every bit up before changing it. The biggest problem was the acid leaks. Once the leak started around the terminals, large "roses" started to grow on the battery terminal what caused corrosion.

    Sometimes when I took the poor old girl out to the country and I was re anacted seens from the "dukes of Hazzard" the light bulbs burned out due to overcharging at high RPM....

    Your Trabant will rust at unusual places. Rocker panel, trunk, front shocks domes and cross member underneeth the hand brake. But the Duroplast will never go bad! A donkey might chew it up as I've seen it happening before...
  6. 'bant

    'bant Loyal Comrade

    The only obvious rust was under the battery most likely as a result of an acid spill. There was plenty of good metal under the rust so I cleaned it up as best as I could, put rust killer on it and then painted it. I haven't found any other rust spots as yet. In any case, welding is not a problem for me :)

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