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  1. EasternBloc

    EasternBloc Interkosmos Trabinaut Forum Donor

    Hello everyone!
    I purchased the 601s that was up for sale in Texas on Ebay. It was formerly owned by another member on this forum. This is my first public post here, though I've been lurking this website for some time. First, to see if I really wanted to get into Trabant ownership and later for operating and technical advice.

    So far, I've put around 500 km on my new little girl and have managed to fall in love. I'm no stranger to air cooled Germans, as I've owned a few VWs, but this is certainly my first Trabi. I fear they may be addictive.

    Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to post technical advice, manuals or even just photos on this site. This website has such a wealth of information, that it really is kind of a one-stop place for these quirky little cars.
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  2. Wartburg353W

    Wartburg353W Loyal Comrade

    Congrats and welcome.
  3. Keri

    Keri Leader

    Welcome to the Forum
    Hi from Chicago.

    It is as you feared, Trabants are incredibly addictive.
    If you are reading this, it is already too late for you, and possibly any friends, neighbors or offspring.
  4. Bill Overbaugh

    Bill Overbaugh King Trabi Administrator Forum Donor

    Congrats! General opinion is that yours is one of the nicest trabis out there. Good buy!
    Enjoy it!
  5. EasternBloc

    EasternBloc Interkosmos Trabinaut Forum Donor

    Thanks! It's really apparent that each previous owner really strived to maintain the car quite well. Hope to continue the tradition!
  6. tricken

    tricken Loyal Comrade

    congrats this is the blue one right? if so nice car have fun and put on

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