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  1. Ron

    Ron Premium Member Forum Donor

    So this happened...

    WP_20151015_17_38_58_Pro - Copy.jpg

    Yes, after weeks of sensitive negotiations, Rosie has a new companion! A 1987 model... a deluxe no less.

    WP_20151015_17_39_10_Pro - Copy.jpg

    It's in better overall condition than Rosie, less upper body rust, and the underneath has just been welded to the highest standard I've ever seen. The very nice man we bought from is a retired bodyshop owner, and his work is genuinely flawless. If I hadn't seen the holes before, I'd never have known...

    WP_20151015_17_54_08_Pro - Copy.jpg

    WP_20151015_17_54_34_Pro - Copy.jpg

    Very happy boys...

    WP_20151015_17_54_46_Pro - Copy.jpg

    Can't wait to get stuck in, will update as work progresses, cheers all, hope you're all well.

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  2. mbeamish

    mbeamish Loyal Comrade

    Mmnn chrome bumpers congrats
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  3. RHFabrications

    RHFabrications Loyal Comrade

    Nice, I like the colour. What are your plans for it?
  4. Ron

    Ron Premium Member Forum Donor

    Hello all,

    Here's my first update on the new one, a project for my two young sons to get stuck into with me now they're a wee bit older. Today saw the obligatory first wash and the removal of the carpets to see what we had. I am pleased to say there are no nasties! We also managed a few runs up and down the lane (maybe a couple of miles), and while everything works, it does seem to lack a bit of urge. I freed off a sticking drum, and things improved but there still isn't the power I'm used to in Rosie.

    The next step will be to replace plugs/leads/gearbox oil/clean the carb and have a look in the cylinders and all that jazz, but we were happy today just to confirm that he runs without any ominous noises. It's a 'he' by the way, we have continued the tradition of naming our Trabis after the town they were purchased from, hence 'Keith'!

    WP_20151016_16_30_37_Pro - Copy.jpg

    The post-wash picture...

    WP_20151016_16_15_22_Pro - Copy.jpg

    When I first saw the car a few months ago, this bit of metal behind the front wheel just wasn't there... the previous owner really has done a nice job.

    WP_20151016_16_14_11_Pro - Copy.jpg

    And, after a good prod/wire brushing, there is only surface rust here...

    WP_20151016_16_13_21_Pro - Copy.jpg

    Plans for now are just to restore the car to a nice, reliable condition Russ, just as Rosie is. This one is actually in better nick to start with, a t-cut and polish will do for the paintwork (Glacier Blue with the Papyrus roof), and if I can get the engine to pull a bit better I'll be happy. It feels a bit strangled, and slow to respond to the throttle. I've no experience with the economy gauge thingy, it does just seem to be something in the way of a good fuel supply to me, so we'll see how long that remains... I was lucky with Rosie that the engine was so good, if this one needs internal work I'd actually enjoy getting in to it I think. Don't get me wrong, it's not awful, we've been up to about 40mph. The brakes are a bit all over the place anyway!

    Anyway, have a good weekend all, Ron.
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  5. mati0921

    mati0921 Loyal Comrade

    fresh airfilter, sparkplugs and leads and adjusting ignition timing can do wonders to a engine. i guess my fiat punto gained 10 hp just by replacing plugs and leads. :)
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  6. michiel76

    michiel76 Loyal Comrade

    Nice that Rosie has a friend....
    You keep Rosie?!?

  7. Ron

    Ron Premium Member Forum Donor

    oh aye, Rosie's not going anywhere! Just building the collection!
  8. RHFabrications

    RHFabrications Loyal Comrade

    Funny how with cars once you've bought one it doesn't ever seem satisfactory, and there's always some sort of justification to buy another.

    I see you're keen to let your kids loose on it, I'm a big fan of that. My ten year old daughter whose interests are otherwise limiting (hair, make up, clothes, Dreadful pop music) loves spending time with me working in my garage on a 2cv I'm building or at my work on the Trabi. I think it's a great confidence booster to be allowed to play with what I guess most kids see as belonging in the adult domain. I know my girl goes to school proud to tell her friends that she helped change the spark plugs in dads rally car, (or as she did yesterday,) rebuilt the drum brakes on dads 2cv. There's a slightly bigger sense of achievement than building something out of say, Lego, too. Of course, if you've got somewhere to let them drive it too that's a real pay off too. The beauty of the Trabi is that you've got a hands-on history lesson too. Good work!
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  9. Ron

    Ron Premium Member Forum Donor

    I couldn't agree more with all that Russ, very well put. I want them to appreciate the importance of taking care of their possessions, and that they can be more independent if they do. The world is getting more and more commercialised, with us oiks (if we're not careful) just being reduced to mindless consumers... fixing and running an old car teaches them a hell of lot more than I thought at first.

    I'm very lucky with my two that they find it all so much fun, we spent hours on the car yesterday... no fighting, no stress, awesome. And you're right, they know a lot more European history than most kids. It also tied in beautifully with their German lessons at school.

    As for buying more than one, I've never really wanted multiples of the same car before... the Trabi really gets under your skin though, I just couldn't stand the thought of one being left/forgotten about/rotting away! This new one actually belongs to the boys, they are in charge of the project. It's got them prioritising and organising, thinking about the cost and value of parts etc. The playstation vitas have actually dropped off the radar a little bit already!

    One more, then I'll stop!

    Cheers then, have a good day.
  10. michiel76

    michiel76 Loyal Comrade

    Ok,happy to hear that Rosie stays!
    How do you call new one?!? maybe Rosie and Randy.....;-)
  11. Ron

    Ron Premium Member Forum Donor

    Well, after some fettling 'Keith' is flying along!

    The plugs look perfect (newish NGK BH8S's, Rosie's on BH6S), and with Rosie's HT leads fitted he drove well with plenty of power. Throttle response is still a little slow, but improving, so after a carb clean/throttle cable replacement I'm expecting good things. The boys de-carbonised the piston tops, heads and exhaust manifold under supervision, and the interior deep clean has begun.

    All in all, I feel very happy with the car, and pulling up to a driveway with two Trabis on it is never going to get old, they look lovely together!

    Cheers all, enjoy your weekends.
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  12. michiel76

    michiel76 Loyal Comrade

    Keith sounds good!

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