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  1. Bucks

    Bucks Puttering Along

    Hi can you help. I need to change the oil in my 601s. Daft question....what oil needs changing. Just the gearbox? If so what sort is best and how much....

    I know where to top up, but how do I drain it?

    Is there any other oil to change?
  2. TheHun

    TheHun Puttering Along Forum Donor

    Gearbox is the only oil that requires changing, but don't forget to also grease steering box and wheel "spindels" and also the emergency brake "wire"

    You can see on the user manual how to change it and check regularly.


    There is also full repair manual in english in the REFERENCE section on this forum - lists gearbox oil as E36, 1.5Liters from empty, 1.3Liters if changing. In the ownership manual SAE 30 is the spec for the gearbox oil.

    Hope this helps
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2017
  3. Bucks

    Bucks Puttering Along

    Thank you
  4. mbeamish

    mbeamish Loyal Comrade

    Don't put a lot of grease into the hand brake cables as too much can work it's way into the rear drums and contaminate the brake shoes
  5. Ian

    Ian Loyal Comrade

    Sorry to "fog" the issue.....but, I was trying to hunt-down the correct gearbox oil for my 601, recently.

    My manual says to use IVO 68 (Tellus 68 equiv.), which turns out to be a widely used Hydraulic oil, used in Agric. tractor transmissions and hydraulic systems!
    This has a much thicker viscosity, than 30 grade oil,...but still not as thick as EP80/90, etc....that are commonly used in more traditional/vintage U.K. and European gearboxes?!.....

    Anyone out there, got any DEFINITIVE GUIDANCE for us all, around the globe,...as appears to be somewhat confusing!

    (Just had my 5 litre can of 68 delivered last Friday...and WAS contemplating changing my inherited gearbox oil one evening this week!!.....).

    Regards, to everyone.
  6. Ian

    Ian Loyal Comrade

    Apologies,...ERRATUM, on my part!

    Meant to type "TELLUS 33 EQUIVALENT"...(NOT Tellus 68)!....Sorry about that folks.
  7. phi

    phi Loyal Comrade

    HLP 68 (hydraulic oil indeed, viscosity ISO VG 68) is the best for the Trabant gearbox. That kind of oil was defined because of the freewheel device.
  8. Ian

    Ian Loyal Comrade

    Thank goodness for that...and I agree that that does make sense.

    Much appreciated.

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