1. need4speed

    need4speed Newbie

    Unfortunately I must sell my Trabant. I have had it since 2006, and I used it as my car while living in Prague. I brought it to Texas with me in 2013 after I moved back to the US. It is not one of the junk yard jewels that often get imported. This one belonged to Martin Stefl, who is the moderator for the Trabant.cz forum. He knows his cars, and he took very good care of this one. When I bought it I stored it in a garage in Prague and never took it out in bad weather.

    It is a 1988, but titled as a 1967 as that is what happened to may Trabis in Europe during communism. It is completely legal with a clear Texas title. I also have all the paperwork from Europe documenting its history of past owners.

    I use the car regularly and it is ready to go. It still wears the original paint, and the interior is original. There have been scratches in the paint over time, but no cracks or anything serious. The paint looks good, just not perfect. The interior is in very nice condition. People often ask me if I have had it redone.

    On the mechanical side I just rebuilt the starter, and it does not need anything. It runs great, shifts great, and the free wheel works perfectly. All lights work, the wipers work, and the horn works. I added an aftermarket radio CD player. It has a valid Texas state auto inspection. It has 4 brand new tires, and I have quite a few spare parts including a clutch should it ever need one. I also have repair and parts manuals, although they are in the Czech language.

    I'd love to keep her, but life has a way of forcing one into different priorities. For a view of it driving, I have a crappy video on youtube that I recently uploaded before I decided to sell it.

    https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=trabant in dallas

    The price is $6500. People ask me to sell it a lot, but they have no idea what it really is and I don't think they would care for it properly. I want it to go to someone who knows what it is and can care for it. I'll upload a better video to youtube this weekend. Contact me for more info and pictures.

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  2. leafoff

    leafoff Smoking Along

    Pm sent
  3. tricken

    tricken Loyal Comrade

    nice car wish i had room in the stable looks like a nice example
  4. Franci

    Franci Smoking Along

    Being from east Germany, these cars mean a great deal to me. Is it still available?
  5. need4speed

    need4speed Newbie

    Yes, I still have it. I just took this video of it today:
  6. Franci

    Franci Smoking Along

    Thanks for sharing...very nice. I will be doing some checking in terms of registration in Illinois.
  7. Justin

    Justin Owner Administrator

    Does the car already have a US title?
  8. Zausel

    Zausel Loyal Comrade

  9. need4speed

    need4speed Newbie

    Correct. It has a legal Texas title, insurance, vehicle inspection, as well as all the import and European paperwork dating back many years. It is registered and I drive it.
  10. alex

    alex Newbie

    Nice car for sure! in a few years maybe I can find this car and purchase it, pretty much what I want in a trabant.

    Good luck with the sale of this super nice trabant.
  11. need4speed

    need4speed Newbie

    I am bummed out about it, but the car is sold. It went to a very good home, so I am happy about that.

    JASONCHAD Trabi Meister Forum Donor

    Where is the new owner located? Are the already a member of this group?
  13. need4speed

    need4speed Newbie

    Plano, Texas. I don't think he is a member of the forum, but he has a friend in Houston Texas who is.
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  14. tricken

    tricken Loyal Comrade

    nice i wonder if he will join, be funny to see 2 at cars and coffee dallas. or just to meet up with them in plano, work sends me there from time to time

    JASONCHAD Trabi Meister Forum Donor

    Looks like it ended up on eBay. Must have bought it thinking he could flip it.
  16. Aw geez it is on eBay. That's just wrong. Now I wish I had bought it after all.
  17. need4speed

    need4speed Newbie

    Yup, the guy bought it to flip, and lied about it the whole time. I really dislike people like that. Had I known he was going to do that, I would have not sold it to him. I just don't get people that lie to make a living.

    JASONCHAD Trabi Meister Forum Donor

    Did it end up selling on eBay? I didn't see what happened.
  19. need4speed

    need4speed Newbie

    It did. I am pretty sure a member of this board bought it.
  20. Well I hope it we to to a home even half as good as it had when it was yours, need4speed
    I have a tendency to get emotionally attached to great cars, even if they're not mine. I guess that why I have too many myself.

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