1. Tim Iwanski

    Tim Iwanski Newbie

    I have four Simsons for sale. They are all 2002 models with extremely low kilometers on them.
    1- SD50 Albatross trike with aluminum box
    2- Star 80, 4 speed, manual clutch, 80cc
    3. Sc .010, Almost identical to an S53, 50cc, four speed Enduro
    4. MSA Spatz 50, 50cc, auto trans, electric start.

    The SD50 in currently on Ebay, and I have many pictues on photobucket.
    Thanks for looking, Tim

  2. Aaron

    Aaron Leader

    Hey Tim

    Where are you located in Michigan?
  3. Tim Iwanski

    Tim Iwanski Newbie

    About 30 minutes North of Saginaw

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