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  2. SALE PENDING - Hello Everyone...Just a note for those of you who do not check the For Sale Section often, but I am selling my Trabant for $2500. Link is below, if you're interested, reach out to me. http://www.trabantforums.com/threads/price-drop-1984-trabant-limo-for-sale-clear-title.43437/
  1. vdubbin

    vdubbin Loyal Comrade

  2. tricken

    tricken Loyal Comrade

    love the opening line of the ad he nails it. we drive these cause we can and like to be different
  3. MonroeUK

    MonroeUK Newbie

    This has just turned up on Ebay with a starting price of £300
  4. Phil Tracy

    Phil Tracy Puttering Along

    I'm not just in love with the slammed resto look, but if it gets people interested in weird cars I am all for it :)
  5. Jamie mac

    Jamie mac Trabbi Hill Detector Forum Donor

    I think it sold on eBay for over £2000 from memory
  6. MonroeUK

    MonroeUK Newbie

    It's still on at £1320 with 11 hours or so to go
  7. Jamie mac

    Jamie mac Trabbi Hill Detector Forum Donor

    Must have fell through. I used it as an arguing point with my wife when she thought £450 was too much for mine. She still hates it.
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