1. Lotsokids

    Lotsokids Loyal Comrade

    Last week I had 2 vehicles go down with starting problems. Check out the difference:

    1. My Audi Q7 developed a starting problem where occasionally it would not start for 45 minutes, then it would start. It went to the service shop, and it took 6 days of troubleshooting to find a bad sensor. Just got it back today. About $300 total bill.

    2. My Trabant's starter died on Friday. Saturday I went to a local junkyard and got a working used starter for about $23. Replaced it myself in less than 30 minutes.

    BIG difference! :cool:
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  2. mati0921

    mati0921 Loyal Comrade

    One of my mates have a audi A6 that lost oil pressure. oil pump was at fault. i can get 3 whole trabi engines from trabantwelt at the price he paid for an oil pump... :)
  3. 'bant

    'bant Loyal Comrade

    Considering the predicament that VW have put themselves in, your Q7 might just be emitting more NOx than your Trabant ;)

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