1. turbofiat124

    turbofiat124 Loyal Comrade

    Anybody interested in a couple of steering wheels? I bid on two steering wheels and didn't think I think I would win either at the price I bid. Well I ended up winning both so I was obligated to buy both of them.

    One is aftermarket and one is an original later model version. I decided that I liked the factory later model version better and installed it. Here is the aftermarket wheel.


    So I have this aftermarket and the "thin rimmed" off my 81 model. The aftermarket is in great shape, the one off my 81 is in bad shape. There were chunks falling off it the grip. However it could be restorable if someone wanted to buy an Eastwood's kit or send it off to a steering wheel restoration shop.

    Now get this:

    The aftermarket came from Hungary. Shipping was around $25 and it arrived in less than 2 weeks. The other one came from Germany, cost $45 and took three weeks to arrive. So not only is buying parts from Hungary faster, it's cheaper.

    Both wheels cost about $65 each which included shipping after all was said and done.
    The original wheel is in ratty condition. So someone make me an offer.

    I'll take some photos of the one that came off my 81 Trabant if anybody is interested in it.
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  2. barkas maybe

    barkas maybe Newbie

    Do u still have for sale.
  3. turbofiat124

    turbofiat124 Loyal Comrade

    Nope. Sold it to Justin.
  4. barkas maybe

    barkas maybe Newbie

    Thanks anyway bud.thank you for the reply
  5. Justin

    Justin Owner Administrator

    Yeah, I bought it...there is a car being parted out in CO that may have one.

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