1. Mike Annen

    Mike Annen Newbie

    Hi Guys,
    Baltimore is having their annual Artfest art festival July 15-17, 2011.Their general theme this year is the 1980's. I contacted the management and they are excited to have Trabants there and are making and exhibit for any Trabants that show up. This is a three day event with some tours involved but you wouldn't necessarily have to do all three days. I assured them that we could have at least a half dozen Trabis there and they were delighted. We'll do the Berlin Wall where we drive through the boxes and have the Checkpoint Charlie display. I hope you can make it.
    Mike Annen
  2. Comrade-Paul

    Comrade-Paul Newbie

    Man that was so much fun in DC when we sent that Hungarian Hot-Rod through the boxes!

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