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  1. Cessnapilot89

    Cessnapilot89 Puttering Along

    How often do you guys recommending the changing of the oil on the Trabant? Any special oils that should be used or avoided?
  2. vdubbin

    vdubbin Loyal Comrade

    Erm… about the same time as the coolant swap.

    It's a 2 stroke engine, there's no oil to change.

    The oil goes in with the gas, in a 50:1 ratio. It gets burnt with the fuel. Any 2 stroke oil should do. There's no sump for oil to go into, or change.

    Sparkplugs, air cleaners, that's another story.
  3. Cessnapilot89

    Cessnapilot89 Puttering Along

    Roger that, the only experience I have had with a two stroke was a bizarre motor bike my friend had that had crankcase oil.
  4. mati0921

    mati0921 Loyal Comrade

    That was probably gearbox oil. On many smaller motorbikes/mopeds the gearbox and engine block and gearbox is one unit, that cant be taken apart. :)
    There is gearbox oil in a Trabi, and if you have no idea how old it is you should check it. ;)
  5. phi

    phi Loyal Comrade

    You should replace it every 30'000 km or 4 years. The level has to be checked every 5000 km. See chapter 3, "care and maintenance" in the manual ;)

    Make sure, you use HLP68 (yes, it's low-viscous hydraulic oil) as intended by the designers. For emergency, SAE80 will do either - or ATF like some do in the US.

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  6. Cessnapilot89

    Cessnapilot89 Puttering Along

    Is there anywhere I Can find the Trabant operating handbook ?
  7. Keri

    Keri Leader

  8. phi

    phi Loyal Comrade

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  9. Cessnapilot89

    Cessnapilot89 Puttering Along

    Thank you! It is greatly appreciated
  10. Cessnapilot89

    Cessnapilot89 Puttering Along

    Looks like July 27th the p50 should be home.
  11. Justin

    Justin Owner Administrator

    It's also posted under the reference section of this forum if you ever need it for quick reference. Also, there is a gentleman named Lew Schnur who has some translated copies in English. He sold me mine for $20 USD shipped from the UK

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