1. I BOUGHT MY TRABANT WITHOUT A TRANSMISSION AND IM LOOKING TO GET ONE. I live in Milwaukee wi my name is Anthony my number is two six two 483-914three thanks
  2. turbofiat124

    turbofiat124 Loyal Comrade

    I have one but I have no idea of it's condition. I had it and a spare engine shipped over with my car from Hungary.

    When the freewheel device went out I was going to try it but it's not the correct transmission for my car. This one is for a later type that uses the "tripods".

    The earlier style would have two curved blocks and fit in a peg and will fall off easily unless you smear allot of grease on them:


    The later type would look something like this: (NOTE: this is not a Trabant inner CV joint , just an example, I couldn't find an actual photo):

  3. Can u call me please number is in the original post thanks
  4. Justin

    Justin Owner Administrator

    Anthony, check under cars for sale, there is a car that is being parted out in CO...looks like the tranny is in there.
  5. Thanks justin. I would love to buy the whole car :cool:

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